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There are strict controls and measures in regulating entry of foreigners into Bulgaria. All India ordinary passport holders need to obtain a visa before hand to enter Bulgaria.

However, Indian Diplomatic & Official passport-holders do not require any visa for entry into Bulgaria.  

Travellers to Bulgaria do not need any specific health vaccinations.

Schengen visa holders

Bulgarian government took a decision on 25 January, 2012 that until Bulgaria’s full accession to the Schengen Area, the country will unilaterally apply visa-free regulations for holders of valid Schengen visas. According to the decision,  holders of valid Schengen visas may enter and stay in Bulgaria for a period of up to three months within each six-month period from the date of the first entry in this country without having a Bulgarian visa (with effect from 31 January, 2012).  Holders of single-entry Schengen visas and those whose Schengen visas have been utilized completely are, however, not being allowed to enter Bulgaria.

Information about how to get a Schengen VISA for Indian Passport Holders


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