Free Fire Max New EVO GUN SKIN Platinum Divinity MP5

Your gameplay is set to Evolve further! ✨ A new Evo gun is arriving tomorrow! Can you guess which gun is about to move to the next level? #FreeFireMAX #IndiaKaBattleRoyale #Booyah

Free Fire Max New Evo Gun Incoming Now. Can you guess which is set to evolve! Few More Hours to the revel now. But Lets See, Free Fire Max New EVO GUN SKIN Platinum Divinity MP5.

Hey Survivors, Finally, the wait is over! The Hottest Evo gun is live on Faded Wheel.

The damage is as strong as its looks! Fire away.🔥🔥🔥

Get yours now and set everything ablaze with its all-new Platinum Divinity MP5.

Free Fire Max New EVO GUN SKIN Platinum Divinity MP5

Ability: Recover EP When Dealing Damage With this Gun

  1. Damage: ++
  2. Fire Date: +
  3. Reload Speed: –

How to open in your free fire game then let us see participate in this Faded Wheel Spin & Win this Rewards for Free Fire New EVO GUN SKIN Platinum Divinity MP5

Valid: Duration Time TIll: 6th to 25th July 2022


1. Participate in the draw by using diamonds. Prizes already obtained will not be repeated. Each subsequent

2. Draw will require more diamonds. Current draw diamond cost: 9,19,39,69,99,149,199,499

3. Before drawing, player can remove 2 undesired prizes (except the grand prize), therefore increasing the win rate of grand prize.

4. When cumulative draws reach the target, the player can claim a bonus prize. The cumulative prize will not be reset in the current Faded Wheel season.

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