Google Pay Indi-Home Offer – Get Free Rs.51 Cashback Every month

Google Pay Indi-Home Offer – Google Pay Indi-Home Link , GPay Indi-home Game to Play, and Earn Energy to complete level 2, You Will Build a house that will show here below images now. Indi-Home house completions reward, Build faster for more attractive rewards for superTez Reward – first 5 lakh user to complete any house every month now. You, Will, Rewards Scratch Card Rewards to Get Rs.51 Free Cashback in your Gpay account. Tez-Reward – all other users who complete a house every month earn Rs.51 in Google Pay Indi-Home Offer

Home is where the heart is. What kind of house do you want to call your home? Join us to visualize your dream home, brick by brick, on Google Pay. Take a memorable journey across India as you build all the houses your heart desires.

Build your house on the Indi-Home page with the virtual currency – home energy. You can earn energy by completing different actions on Google Pay. You can earn cash back, exclusive vouchers, and more rewards at different milestones.

Now, Earn More Rs.51 Cashback for Just Invite a 3 Friends Only! and Earn Up to Rs.51 Cashback o thir 1st energy collection now.

Google Pay Indi-Home Offer

How to Google Pay Indi-Home Offer – Get Free Rs.51 Cashback Every month

1) First Of All, You need to upgrade your Google Pay to the latest version to play.

2) Click on the Link to Enter the Indi-Home page from the Google Pay home screen.

3) Get home energy as a welcome gift when you enter the Indi-Home page for the first time. Tap to collect it.

Google Pay Indi-Home Offer

4) Start building your dream house with the home energy you collect.

5) You have a chance to earn rewards at different milestones. For your Welcome house, you can earn 100 home energy at house completion. and For your other houses:

6) When you complete a level, you will earn a chance to pick your favorite reward at the reward bazaar (subject to availability).

7) You will earn the following when you complete a house: 10-300 home energy. If you are among the first 5 lakh users to finish a house in a calendar month

8) Done Complete Build House & We Will, Received Scratch Card and you can earn ₹51 cashback into Gpay bank account linked

Google Pay Indi-Home Offer

9) If you are not among the first 5 lakh users to finish a house in a calendar month, you can be rewarded with one of the following:

  • ₹10 cashback.
  • 2-months of free YouTube Premium subscriptions.
  • ₹500 off on purchases made on partnering brands.
  • Additional 10-300 home energy for your next house.

This Gpay Offer Share in your friends to your Refer only for 3 friends & Earn Upto Rs.51 Cashback in your bank account now.

10) Level and house completion rewards are subject to change. Check back regularly for updates

How do I get energy in Google Pay Indi-Home

Earn home energy by taking actions on Google Pay and tapping to collect it on the Indi-Home page. Uncollected home energy will expire 7 days after it’s earned.

There are a few ways to earn home energy every day. Different actions give you different amounts of home energy.

  1. Earn 10-300 home energy when you make a transaction of ₹30+ on Google Pay.
  2. Home energy is available for the first 3 qualifying transactions in a day.
  3. Earn 10-300 home energy when you share the Indi-Home page once everyday on social media.
  4. Earn 10-30 home energy each day when you visit the Indi-Home page.
  5. Earn 10-300 home energy when you share a completed house with your friends on Google Pay.
  6. Collect home energy for your friends when you visit their house and tap on one of their uncollected home energy. Both you and your friend will get half of that collected home energy.
  7. You can help collect home energy once for 5 different friends every day.
  8. Earn 5 home energy when you gift energy to a friend.
  9. You can gift energy to 5 friends everyday.
  10. Earn home energy through Energy Rain depending on your score. More details can be found in the section about Energy Rain.
  11. Earn 10-300 home energy after you split a bill with at least 1 friend and settle the expense of Min. ₹30 with your friend through Google Pay.

Google Pay Indi-Home Referral Rewards

From now till 30 June 2022, you can also earn ₹5 to ₹51 if you refer 3 friends to Indi-Home successfully.

  1. Unlock the referral feature by completing at least one house.
  2. Once you unlock the referral feature, you will get a unique invitation link you can share with your friends to invite them to join Indi-Home on Google Pay.
  3. Your friends must use your link to open Indi-Home and collect their first home energy to be considered a successful referral from you.
  4. You need 3 successful referrals to get the referral reward.
  5. You can only claim the referral reward once.

Why don’t I see my earned home energy on the Indi-Home page?

Home energy may take some time to appear. Exit and re-open the Indi-Home page to see if it is updated.

Can I build multiple houses?

Yes, of course. When you complete a house, you will unlock a new location to build your next house. The basic building mechanism is the same for all houses and you can earn more rewards. While waiting for new houses to be released, you can also rebuild houses you have completed.

What is a Leaderboard?

Leaderboard is a ranking board that shows your contacts on Google Pay who are playing Indi-Home like you. Players on the leaderboard are ranked based on the amount of home energy they earn in a calendar week.

The leaderboard helps you engage with your friends on Google Pay. You can click the icons of your contacts on the leaderboard to enter their Indi-Home pages and then you can help them collect home energy or gift them extra energy.

You must give consent to Indi-Home before it fetches the information of your contacts for the leaderboard. You won’t see any contact on your leaderboard nor get listed on others’ leaderboard if you decide not to give consent to India-Home.

Energy Rain

Energy Rain is a feature on Indi-Home, through which you can earn free home energy.

You can access Energy Rain from the homepage of Indi-Home.

When Energy Rain starts, you can see colorful gems popping up on the screen. You have 30 seconds to collect these gems by tapping them. Each gem represents a score value. Generally speaking, the more gems you collect, the higher score you can get. Avoid tapping on the gray gems or your score will be deducted. The score after 30 seconds can either be converted to home energy or you could retry to get a better score. Collected energy would be automatically added to your house’s progress in the Indi-Home.

You can retry Energy Rain multiple times in a day if the score is not satisfactory. However, you can convert your score to home energy only once each day. Once you convert your score to home energy, you cannot access Energy Rain on that day.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Iocations and house images are used for creative representation only and are not intended to be used for reference purposes.
  • Any rewards you earn will be added to your rewards channel.
  • Locked scratch cards you receive will expire after 7 days if not unlocked.
  • The scratch card you receive will expire after 45 days if not scratched.
  • Any cashback you earn will be added to your UPI-enabled bank account linked to Google Pay. Your cashback will expire after 45 days if you do not have an account linked.
  • Each Google Pay Customer can only use one set of Google Pay credentials that has not been previously registered with Google Pay, which includes but is not limited to a Google Account, phone number, or form of payment to qualify for each offer. Any of these unique Google Pay credentials must not have been used to register another Google Pay Account.
  • You can earn up to a total of ₹9,000 per financial year (1 April to 31 March) across all Google Pay offers.
  • Google is not responsible for any goods or services that you purchase or receive from merchants, or for the content of the merchant’s website.
  • Employees, interns, contractors, and office-holders of Google LLC, their immediate families, Google’s affiliates and subsidiaries of Google, or other persons professionally connected with the offer are not eligible to participate.
  • This offer is not available in the state of Tamil Nadu as per the Tamil Nadu Prize Scheme (Prohibition) Act 1979 and wherever else prohibited by law. Users within these states should not participate in this offer.

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